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Taiwan’s big technology company Asus Zen Phone 6 launched in India on June 19.  But the company changed the name of the device to Asus 6 Z  Trademarks of products under Jane, Genfon or any other similar trademark.  The decision has been taken after the Delhi High Court order to ban the company from the sale.

Taiwan’s big technology company Asus’s Janophone 6 was to be launched in India on June 19, but the company changed its name to Asus 6 Z.  Aswan’s Janefone 6, a large Chinese tech company, was to be launched in India on June 19, but the company has changed its name to Asus 6 Z.  This decision has been taken following order of the Delhi High Court to prohibit the company from selling the products under trademark Jane, Genfone or any other similar trademark.
  The 46-inch Nanoz IPS LCD display is listed on the Flipkart asus 6z, which lists all the major features and specifications of the phone.  If you talk about specifications.  So, with a full HD Plus resolution and HDR 10 support in the device, a noch – las 6.  There is a 46 inch nanoage IPS LCD display.  Quick Charge to Phone 4  Large battery of 5, 000 MAH has been provided with support of 0.  It is powered by Adreno 640 GPU with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor.

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