How To Get Easily AdSense Approval – Fast

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How to get Easily And Fast AdSense Approval .

Hello friend today in this post I  am telling about AdSense Account. And I will show you how to get AdSense Approval in your website or blog . So hello guys  Let’s Go Stated.
In this article I am show about how to get AdSense approval in your account easily and suggest some method to grow in your site or blog . 
Just follow these step give below in this article. Read carefully .

Required User Age for AdSense Approval Account

 1. So guys First of all make sure that you are 18 years old means that your age is above 18 years old because AdSense passed approval of that site or account whose age is above 18 .
Make sure in your AdSense Account the date which you fill is correct date According to AdSense Privacy Policy . 

Choose You Platform for Blogging.

2. If you are beginner in  blogger and you confused to choose your platform for start blog between Blogger and WordPress . I recommended to Make your blog in . Because it is free and you are beginner in this.

Buy Your Custom Domain Name For Your Blogger .

3. This step is very important . Buy You custom domain for your  Blogger and connect your site to domain .
Make sure you domain is TLD’s (Top Level Domain)
Don’t buy free domain like .tk .ml .ga .cf 
 Because in this type of domain you also may not  get Adsense  approval but you trying  very hard working .
Buy TLD’s like .com  . In  .site  .org  .edu 
From and other site.

Make Sure You Have Enough Contant .

4.  This is very important to get AdSense Approval . Make sure you have 25-30 plus high quality post (article) which have word between 800 – 2000 plus word in single post . If you have less than 20 post in your blog don’t send request to  AdSense Approval  because they reject your request all time .

Don’t Use CopyRight Image 

5. If you write a article very well but you used image from Google image search . Then they claimed a copy right in your post and did not grow your post  properly .
According to Google AdSense Policy You don’t used someone website   image in your site .
If you download someone blog image  reediting and add your Stamp in these image and used in your article .

Don’t Use Multiple AdSense Account 

6. If you send AdSense Approval request to AdSense and after some hours if they reject your request then don’t try to make another account they will ban your account  
And If You are using multiple AdSense account in same Mobile PC/Laptop or Tablet they will not get your account approval  .

Time To Send Request To AdSense

7.  Time to send AdSense account approval request to Google. Google made is setup in America so when  day in India  and night in America . So never send request to Google .
And when night in India Day in America  All worker work in day .
So best time to send AdSense Approval request to Google is in night after 10 A.M to 4 P.M
If you fellow all steps you will definitely get AdSense Account Approval Request.

Easily To Get AdSense Account Approval Fast In One Week.

   Thanks for Reading.

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