How to get free M416 Gun Skin

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How to get free Gun Skin Free With New Trick 

How to get free Gun Skin Free With New Trick 

After getting new Pubg 0.14 version in Pubg Mobile . Infection mode is come in this game now  .

Here After getting infection zombie mode in Pubg Mobile . Tencent gaming company announced in own official Pubg Mobile website  that  he wants to give us M416Gun skin free and permanent .

In Official Pubg Mobile website After 20 August 2019 at 5:00 pm He started new office in Pubg game to 30 August 2019 .

How to get M416 Gun Skin Free for us .

 Flip For Rewards Complete specified missions daily to earn card flips and points.  If the flipped cards line up, then a stage is cleared (3 stages total).  Both points and rewards are given after clearing a stage.

Easy to get Kar98k Gun Desert Cambo  Skin free

Player’sUnknown Battel Ground Officially PUBG GAME is very popular among people .
Everybody play Pubg game . Pubg game is the most downloaded game from Play Store.
After PC version Tencent company has released PUBG MOBILE game for Android devices . But this game size is very big size above 2gb today . 

In this article I am showing about the way to get free Legendary Gun skin free .
So read this article carefully and follow the steps which was given below in this article .
100% you get free gun skin for ever permanent .

Kar98k Gun Skin Free .

First you have a account in Pubg Mobile game . If you want to get skin for free .
You should kill 300+ enemy with Sniper in  Pubg Mobile game . Then you get  free desert Cambo Kar98k Gun skin free.
So this is very hard to kill 300 enemy with Sniper .

But don’t worry .  I also show you how to kill three hundred enemy  with Sniper.
If you need to Kar98k Gun Skin Free. You play war mode ever .
In war mode you get only three type of gun 
1. Assault Rifles
2. SMG  Guns 
3. Sniper .

So you play pubg games in war mode you will able to get Kar98k Sniper gun  chance .
You entered in game three chances will happen with you 

1.First chances You will get Assault Rifles like – AKM, Scar-l , M416 and M416A

2. Second chances you will  get SMG weapons like – UZI , UMP9 , VECTOR, THOMPSON .

3 . Third chance you get Only Kar98k 
When you get other gun exist  from game  play game when you get to only Sniper  .

Kill 10-15 enemy in single match .
If you kill only 10 enemy in single match them you will have play only 30 match  .
In 30 match you killed 300 + enemy with Sniper . When you kill 300 enemy with Sniper .in your mobile game Kar98k gun skin pop-up display   . And you got free Kar98k Gun Skin Free which name is desert Cambo.

       Thanks for reading our article.
  • Note this article is only for education purpose . We don’t provide violence information .
  • This article is for Gaming purpose ..

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