Main Reason Why PUBG Is Better than CALL of Duty

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Why PUBG Is Better Than CALL of Duty Mobile The Main Reason .

Hello guys today I have to tell why pubg mobile game is still better than CALL of Duty Mobile game .

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Although you already have download call of duty mobile game .  You already played this game . In COD GAME  you experienced than Frist you play TDM ( TeamDeatMatch) till you level achieve level 7  .
When you complete level 7 you are able to play battery ground which have 100 player .
You in lobby  you get a permanent knife .  You should serch  weapons in lobby and also climbing wall and high height wall with web .
This is different types of experience than please PUBG .
PUBG is realistic game like you entered in lobby you waking, punching , crouching like a real game
But in CALL of Duty No proning options is available . Different types of gun is not understanding in COD game . When you get knocked you don’t able to move until your teammates revive you . This type of felling Hert you . When you shoot a enemy   bold type of blood is can’t see that.  But in PUBG they improve the game with two type of killing effect a contoured red and green effect that was very good  . In PUBG you get a training room which have 18 type of vehicle and all weapons .
My experience about call of duty is good but not more than PUBG .
On first day I downloaded CALL of Duty game with very exciting . After downloading I played this game several times in TDM TeamDeatMatch until my level is 7.  After reaching level 7 my battel ground game is unlocked I played battel ground 3 times . In this Player already have a outfits this was only imagine not realistic than PUBG . When I landed I think I already have armer and helmet but this was not real later I get armer and helmet .
But in CALL of Duty Mobile game No Outfits to see . But in PUBG more than 100+ legendary outfits are available .

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