Samsung galaxy note 10 was launched in India

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Galaxy Note 10 , Which Will Be Launching On August 10

South Korea’s smartphone maker Samsung may launch its Galaxy Note 10 smartphone on August 10, according to a report from the Korean media.  According to this report, there are just two months left to launch the phone, many phone calls have been leaked even before the phone is launched.
Recently a render photo of the phone was revealed. 

Apart from this, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is being said to be launched in July.  According to the ETNews report, a launch event will be held on August 10 for Galaxy Note 10.  Let’s tell you that Galaxy Note 9 was launched on August 9 last year.  This is being speculated that the Samsung company will retain its trend.
However, as long as there is no official confirmation on behalf of the company, it is only an estimate.

The Samsung Galaxy Note S10 series can prove to be a better option for you.  This series is also quite like the users.
|  According to the potential feature reports of Galaxy Note 10, the phone can be launched two variants.  It will be the first pro variant that will be equipped with a sensitized edge and without a physical button, the other can be launched with a non-deductible bi & by button.  It is expected to be between 1100 to 1200 dollars (76,000 rupees to 83,000 rupees).

 At the same time, according to South Korean publication de Bell, Samsung is working on two different screen sizes of Galaxy Note 10.  According to the report, 6 of the main Galaxy Note 10  A 7-inch display can be given that will be similar to the Galaxy S10 5G.  Also the A + grade panel can be given in the Galaxy S10 +.  At the same time, the mini version of Galaxy Note 10 is 6.  It will come with 4 inches which is like the Galaxy S10 +.  Apart from the screens, Galaxy Note 10 is expected to provide quad camera setup.

New SAMSUNG Budget Smartphone soon Launched.

South Korean company Samsung could launch its own budget more soon this year.  Another new member in the Samsung A series Galaxy10s is going to join.  This smartphone has recently received the FCC Certification Approval, it was believed that Galaxy  The 10s will be launched in India with the Galaxy M40 but the smartphone is not currently launched.  A few days ago, Galaxy10e was also listed for FCC certification.  Galaxy A10s are only listed with model numbers.  According to the FCC listing, the phone can be given 3, 900 mAh battery.  Apart from this, the phone can support the 4G LTE network.  Also, it can be launched with the 0neUI operating system based on Android 9 pie.  This is also Samsung CALAXY.  Like the A10 Pra Galaxy 10, the company can be launched with the In-House Exynos processor.  Also, the phone can have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.  Click here to buy Samsung Galaxy M40 from Amazon  |  Apart from this, there is currently no information available about this smartphone, it is being speculated that it can be launched with better features than GalaxyA10.  Recently, Galaxy A10 and Galaxy  Gold color variants of 20 have been launched in India.  Galaxy  Talk about the 10’s, then it’s 6  A 20-inch water drop noch display is given.  This budget smartphone has been launched in February this year.  The phone works on the Samsung’s Acynos 7884 processor, the phone works on Android 9 Pie based on the 0neUI operating system.  .  To give power to the phone,  400 mAh battery is provided.  Talking about the camera features of the phone, its back has a 13-megapixel rear camera, while a 5-megapixel camera has been given in the phone’s foot.  Adoption of the primary rear camera of the phone f / 1  9 is given while its foot camera’s aperture f / 2  0 has been given.  

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