Top 5 Supercomputer In India

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Top 5 Supercomputers in India.

Each Computer has 1,500 processors.

Whenever it comes to computers, it comes to our mind that a machine that can do fast and accurate work without wearying, but when it comes to super computers, then a big computer comes in front of us which blinks in an eyelid. Only one can do millions of calculations. Supercomputers are working on a large scale in the whole world, but India is far behind in this matter. America has 233 supercomputers _ _ _ Only in America there are a total of 233 supercomputers, whereas in India there are only 11. At the same time, 2 computers have been included in the list of top 100. Recently, an organization named Top 500 Project has released the list of 500 top super computers around the world which includes 11 super computers from India. Explain that an organization named Top 500 Project collects data about supercomputers. This organization releases the list of supercomputers every two years. So let us know in detail about the top 5 supercomputers of India and their usage today. . In India, super computers are being used for research in the field of automobile industry to medical and education. Talking about the top 5 supercomputers in India, the names of supercomputers like Sahasra (K favored 40), Aditya, TIFR Color Boson, IIT Delhi HPC and Param Yuvam 2 come out. Let’s know about them. . . . Sahasra Supercomputer is housed in the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore as the Center for Supercomputer Education and Research (SERC), SERC helps in high-performance computing in the fields of science and engineering. Please tell that Sahasra has got 96th place in the top 500 list of top 500 supercomputers of the world. Talking about the features of Sahastra supercomputer, it has Intel’s Haswellxeon E5 – 268013 processor and for graphics it has been given NVIDIA K40 GPU. 2 in it. There is 1PB (Petabyte) storage. It has 1500 processors and 44 graphics. It has 5600GB of RAM. It works on Linux operating systems. It is used in aerospace engineering, meteorological predictions and astrological fields. The supercomputer named Aditya is at the Indian Institute of Tropical Pune.

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