Box Office Collection Of Avengers Endgame And Avatar World Wide.

Avengers Have crossed $2.7 billions Dollars all over world . According to reports of Forbes Box Office movie Avatar have stand in 5th week with $2.69 million dollars . Avengers Endgame movie need  $ 100 Million dollars to defeats Avatar Movie Box Office Collection till now. Avatar is the most money Collection movie till now and it was awarded . Avengers Endgame Second movie who  has crossed $ 800 million dollars in only American Cinema hall . 

But it is not to to Star Wars :The Force Aweken Movie. According to reports Some body people says that Avengers defeats  Avatar Movie Box office collection.
 Today Endgame movie   is Rank 19 in  all World .
Ahead from The Raider of the last arc And  The last lion King .

If Endgame movie play role like infinity war and Forbes movie than it play $870 Million dollars . Which are equal to  Avatar Collection .
Endgame Movie already collect   the same of James Cameron movie Titanic

Cameron has Twitted to wish Marval studio  that Marvel Studio movie has crossed  Disney records . Endgame  movie has Collected 400 Crores in India only .
This movie is biggest movie of this year .