First 5G Network Is Made In China .

It is equipped with SIM Enterprise - grade encryption system.  This will give the user some additional data protection.  According to the company, the video, music and any large files can be stored in this SIM.

Most 4G LTE SIM cards, which are used in the present time, offer storage capacity up to 128/256 GB.  Some of these SMS and contacts can be stored in sim card.

Now China's Telecom Provider China Unicom, together with Ziguang Group, has a super 5g SIML 5G card which offers storage up to a VTB.

Different storage options

Different storage options get different storage options in the world's first super 5g SIM card.  This SIM will be available with 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage.  The company says that this SIM will soon be launched with 512GB and 1TB storage options.      

Enterprise - Equipped with grade encryption system.  This SIM is equipped with enterprise-grade encryption system, so that the user will get additional data protection.  According to the company, this sim stores video, music and any large files.
Can be done.

There is no information about the availability and availability of this super 5g SIM.  China's company, China Unicom 5G network, will launch by October 2019.  This SIM can be launched by the end of this year.  

Just tell the 5G compatible with the phone that this super 5g SIM will not be compatible with all the handsets.  For this, the smartphone should have 5th connectivity support.  It is believed that if this super 5 Lifetime SIM is successful in China, then in India, similar techniques can be seen