Make Your Mobile Bodyguard Through These Apps. 

Among the important things to come in our life, one name has also been added and that is the smartphone.  It helps us in many such tasks which we never thought was a self-defense.  In the smartphone you can install many self-defense apps that give information by sending an alert to your friends or family members at any time of trouble or accident.  In this way you can get help in trouble.

1 . Be Safe.

Before joining Besafe , it is important to add connections to your security network, because the contacts you have selected must be installed on your devices so that they can see the map.  When you open the app, you will see a map with your location.  If you are in danger, hit the red SOS button in the main menu bar.  The premium version of this app can only activate the SOS button by speaking one codeward.

2.My Security Pins

y Safety Pins: This app designed for women's security is based on safety score areas.  Features include GPS tracking, Emergency contact number, Direction for safety route etc.  Whenever the Unsef location will be marked from the user, it will check.  They can track you by sending an alert to family and friends.  Play My SafiPin app available on the Google Play Store with the help of Google Maps

3. Life 360 

Life 360: Equipped with GPS tracking technology, this is a family locator app.  After adding Friends and Family Circles, you can see real-time location.  It's you favored.  You also have the option of setting up the Lockeshans so that when you reach those areas or you will be there, then your Circle Member can receive the alert.  If you do not want to give your location to friends and family, you can also turn off location sharing.  Along with this, you can call Circle members.  Along with the in-app messaging lets you make contact.