Recover Your E-MAIL Account From Hackers.

Google's e-mail service Gmail is one of the most used electronic mail services in the world.  This e-mail service with more than 100 million users remains on the target of hackers.  If you have found any strange activity on the Gmail account, then someone may have hacked your account.  Or, if you have come to know that your account is hacked, then there is no need to panic.

You can recover your account in the manner provided here 

- First go to the account recovery page.

- If you do not remember the password.  Then select the second security option.

- Use Recovery Mail Address or Phone Number here.

 - Gmail sends the recovery code to another email or phone number,

- Once the recovery has been coded after you get it you can process further by putting it

 - As an alternative, you can choose security alert.  Which you have set up while making the account.

- Gmail will then check the security and give the option to change the security information.

 Any hacker can access your other Google services with the help of a Gmail account.  With the help of a Google Account, unauthorized payment activity can be dangerous to anyone else in your account, even on your Google Account and your Behavior Changes on YouTube.  Google sometimes alerts you by mailing itself.  In such a case, keep your account so secure.  - Follow the instructions for security checkup.  This helps Google service users keep their Google Account safe.