Redmi K20 pop-up launches with selfie camera.

 Redmi Company is working on its next flagship smartphone Redmi K20.  However, its launch date information has not been given at this time.  But the new teaser of the phone is definitely released. 

 An important feature of this phone was found in this teaser.  According to this teaser, the Redmi K20 pop-up will be offered with a selfie camera.  A motorized selfie camera will be given in it.  |  Redmi K20's Teaser - According to this leaked image a Demon King is appearing on top of the phone frame.  This post.  Redmi's General Manager Lu Weibing has its timeline. 

 Also posted on  This post has also been told that despite having a pop-up selfie camera, this phone is light on the other phones.  That's because the engineers have given different optimizations in this phone.  This phone has more than 3,000,000 durability tests.  In such a case, if you take 100 selfies a day, then this camera can last up to 8 years.  | 

 Redmi 7 has been made according to users' budget.  It has not had any impact on its features due to lower price, according to features, this phone is quite strong.  |  Other features of the Redmi K20 - this phone can be equipped with the Snapdragon 855 processor.  The phone is expected to have triple rear camera.  In addition, the in-display fingerprint sensor can also be given in the phone, including a giant display.  

According to the news, this phone will be first launched in China.  Only then will this knock in India.  |  Earlier, Lu Weibing confirmed about Redmi's upcoming flagship smartphone.  Redmi's upmarket flagship smartphone will be named Redmi K20, it was also said that K would mean Killer.  Apart from this, it was also reported that the Redmi K Series will focus on flagship smartphones based on performance.

This special feature is included in the Redmi K20.

Redmi k20 Xiaomi has long been teaser related to the Redmi K20 smartphone from the past.  It is said that this smartphone can be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, after the launch of the Redmi K20, it is expected that it will be competed with OnePlus 7 smartphones, remember that OnePlus 7 has recently received 32,999 rupees  Was launched in
This new flagship phone from Xiaomi is being discussed since then, since Shomei India's Chief Manu Kumar Jain had tweeted about this flagship killer smartphone and convinced that Redmi's 20 will be brought to India.  |

Ultra-liner speaker 0 in Radmi's 20  9 cc will be in physical cavity, Redmi's general manager Lu Weibing has also said.  Because of this setup Radmi will sound very loud from 20 and it will be very good to play the effect game.  |  Redmi K20 Game Turbo 2 for Better Gaming Experience  Will come with 0  This game will be the new incarnation of the Turbo feature.  This feature was made part of the Poco F1 via the new UI Global BETA update.  About this, the new Redmi phone has claimed better gaming experience.  |

 Redmi general manager Lou Weibing on Weibo claimed to have given the DC Deming feature at Redmi's 20.  This feature was recently made part of OnePlus 7Pro through software updates.  This technique controls the brightness of the screen using DC voltage.  Lou Vibing also separately announced that the Redmi K20 will come with high-rage audio support.

In it 3  5mm headphone jack.  Apart from this, Redmi has informed about starting the prebooking of this phone in the Chinese market.  But its price has not been announced yet.  The initial price of Redmi K20 Pro will be 2, 599 Chinese Yuan (approximately 26, 100 bucks), this price can be lowered by 6 GB RAM / 64GB storage variants.  The price of 6 GB RAM / 128 GB storage variant can be 2, 799 Chinese yuan (about 28, 100 bucks).

The price of 8 GB RAM / 128 GB storage variant can be 2, 999 Chinese yuan (about 30, 200 bucks).  The same leak also revealed that the phone would have 4,000 mAh battery, a 48-megapixel primary camera and Snapdragon 855 processor.