Save your voice to Google. Delete such a voice

Almost every user using the Internet from Google's services is connected and thus data privacy is a big issue.  With the help of Google Assistant on the device, many users work with giving voice commands, setting up alarms, checking weather or controlling home devices.  It is possible that you must have given a command by speaking to Google, but fewer users know that Google has a record of every command.  Google records every voice command and these commands are saved on the server, users can also listen to these recordings later and also get the logos from their Google, the company also keeps a log of it.  According to Google, the reason for saving old data and voice recording is to give better overvalue service to users.  However, Google also gives users the option to delete their Google Assistant History.  On web browser - open web browser on computer and myactivity  google  Go to com - Go to 'Delete Activity by' at the side of the screen here.  Here you can select Time - Fame and there is an option to delete all - time activity.  Select 'Voice and audio' option from the drop-down menu.  - Then click on the 'Delete' button in the pop-up menu, first open the Google app on the smartphone.  - Then tap on 'more' from the bottom of the app screen.  - Now you can tap on 'Search activity'.  - It direct you to myactivity  google  Directly redirects to com.  - Tap on the three lines made on the top left corner and select 'Delete Activity By'.  .  - Choose a time frame like web browser and select Voice and Audio.

Inverted on Facebook - directly.  The company will come home after posting.

Most of the people will have Facebook accounts.  In this way, you will be able to post different types of posts, sometimes you will also comment and sometimes you will post something.  Lok Sabha elections are going on.  So many people are also posting political posts on Facebook, but if you are doing this then you need to be very careful, because Facebook can go to your home to check the post you made.

Actually there is a lot of pressure on the Lok Sabha elections in India on Facebook.  In such a situation, Facebook is also trying to do that during the Its platform is not misused.  In this episode, Facebook has started visiting Facebook Post and checking the post.  Facebook team of a man resident of New Delhi.

There is also access to investigations.  According to a report, after posting a political post on Facebook, two officials of Delhi's Delhi resident went to investigate.  Actually Facebook is checking people's home and checking  That's what you have done on your timeline or not.  After reaching home, the Facebook team is also seeking identity cards from the people.  Even though this is a shocking case in itself.  But Facebook has violated IT Act 2000 by visiting user's home.  According to Pawan Duggal, expert of Supreme Court Advocate and Cyber ​​Affairs, Facebook.

Can delete a user's post but can not go to someone's home to check because Facebook.  This step is a violation of someone's privacy.