Airtel Free 10 GB  Free By Dialling A Number.

We all know the Airtel sim is very important and Airtel app is also very important

 In this post we show you latest news coming from Airtel company that 
All Airtel customer will get free 10gb data for 28 days in just Dialling a number

  • Now Airtel is providing Free 10 GB data (for 28 days) for only 4g handset and who are eligible for this offer .
  • This offer is only Promotional offer can be expired anything.
  • Offer is tested working all over India expect East India (Assam,Tripura)
  1. Open your dialpad and dial this 5999555 no.and call.
  • When this no. Is not working try another no. Given below
  • Free Airtel 2 GB 4G Data For 90 Days - 52122
  • Free Airtel 1GB 4G Data For 30 Days -  51111

  1. Done wait fees second you will get massage from Airtel . You will get 10 GB data for 28 days from Airtel
  2.  Enjoy you with your net balance .
You will also check your balance in my Airtel app and Dialing *121*2*2#.

Terms and conditions of this offer.

  • This offer is valid only for Airtel sim number.
  • Because of this Promotional offers this offer can be expired anytime.
  • This offer data 1gb for 28 days only used in 4G mode otherwise you face problem.
  • Neither Everythingslatest nor Airtel are responsible for this offer if user don't receive.

                         Airtel Free Internet

 Telecom company Vodafone has offered a special offer to its users.  Under this, the company has partnered with Citibank.  Through this partnership, users will get one day for one year every day.  Unlimited Calling, including 5 GB data will be given.  This service was first given to Idea users in Tier 2 cities.  But now the benefit has been extended to Vodafone prepaid users.  How can you take advantage of this offer?  We are giving you this information here.  Take the advantage of this offer: For this, you have to go to Vodafone's Vesbrite.  From here.

Take the advantage of this offer: 

For this, you have to go to Vodafone's Vesbite.  Citibank credit card application from here. Have to do.  Within 30 days of receiving the card, 4,000 rupees will be spent on the credit card.  after this.

Users will have an offer receipt.  This call offers unlimited calling for 365 days.

Including 1.  5 GB data will be found daily.  This offer is valid till 31 July 2019.  As we told you, this offer is valid only till July 31.  Only people over the age of 23 years can avail of this offer. 

The benefits of this offer will be available in Delhi, Noida, Gururgram, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Secunderabad, Chennai, Vadodara, Coimbatore, Jaipur and Chandigarh.

  At the same time, 1 with Unlimited Calling  5 GB data will be credited daily to the user's account within 45 days.  If a plan is already active in the user's account then it will become lapsed.