Most cyber attacks are happening on India

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There is a big risk associated with the growing Internet of Things (IoT) space in India. A report revealed on Friday showed that cyber attack cases in the IoT space in India have increased by 22 percent in the last three months.

 With this, India has become the most cyber attack victim in the last quarter. Let me tell you, this is the second consecutive quarter when India is at the top of the victims of cyber attack cases. The maximum number of cases related to cyber attack on smart cities, financial services and transportation sectors were reported.

 This was explained in detail in the 'State of IoT Security' report. For this, data was collected from 15 Indian cities, of which Mumbai, New Delhi and Bangalore had the highest number of cyber attack cases. This study has been done by Telecom Solution Provider Subex of Bangalore.

 In the last three months, there were 33, 450 high grade attachment registers, of which 500 were major attacks. Malware Internet of Things (IoT) projects are targeted as traffic is targeted at the Proof of Concept stage, and proofs of understanding and persistence of network traffic in exposed samples have been found.

 The study says that fast-growing geographically and politically motivated cyber attacks have now become the trend. Their purpose is to harm such projects of any country and prove their strength. Many times a hacker attacks on a personal level, while at the same time, many times institutions and other countries get this done.