PUBG Mobile Season 7 New Update

 Pubg is the popular game in the world till 2018 . With every season Pubg has added new season in game 
With every season Pubg has added new features new clothes skin new gamegun skin new Perasuite skin ,new Vehicle skin ,New Dancing  Emotes 

A the end of the Pubg mobile season 6 season 7 is comingwith extra new features
PUBG MOBILE Season 7 is coming in next week.
Readwhat update is coming in season 7
See pubg season 7 sheild
This is looking awesome
This shield is designed by Officially Pubg Mobile
With every season Pubg has added Mew Legendry suite and epic item 
In season 7 New Two Army Suit is arrived in pubg mobile game

1 is Urban legendary suit and another is Assaults legendary suitT.This is the best update in season 7

After very time later Pubg has added new Aeroplane skin is added in  game . This look like a professional plane .

New perasuite  skin is added in pubg mobile new guns skin is added in this.
When you jump through plane open your perasuite and new perasuite skin was found you

At last new dancing Emotes are added in season 7 
Another update is see below

See whatNEW UPDATE COME IN V0.13 IN PUBG MOBILE Godzilla Update

 Tencent Company has launched PUBG MOBILE IN last year 18th March
Now pubg has very popular game in the world.
Because everybody is existing for his new update .
Pubg game has updated every month.

Now PUBG Has Updated Godzilla & Dragon in version 0.13

1.Pubg has added Godzilla Foot print.

This is found in down side 
last of millatry base 
See image

When you go closed to footprint  suddenly investigation button is popup .

2. Secret Cave in Vikendi map 

Secret Cave is added in pubg Mobile in Vikendi map . When you go closed to cave it look like this cave is close But you walk through  cave . Cave is automatically open .

And see what is inside it.

This location is suited  upper side of Podvosto .

3.New kar98k Sniper Gun lab is added with M416, M16A and Uzi

See full video on YouTube 

New PUBG MOBILE GODZILLA Update has Arrived 

Pubg Mobile Has added new Godzilla Updated . 
Just Recently Tencent Game is saw that he has rolling out his pubg MOBILE V 0.13.0 update for all and extra features update.
Some day ago Tencent company has released  his full patched note in beta update .
Deathmatch mode  ,emotes  and MVP are added in zombie mode

I think some new interesting features are added in v0.13.0. While in beta version  no some information  about  patched note .
According to Mr.Ghost Gaming on YouTube have said that some interesting features should be added.

The Upcoming Movie Godzilla 2 :King of Monster has crossover with Pubg.
We hope that new interesting features should added and new special program .
Which has new landing screen , new legendary item ,creats supplies . New event like Deathmatch is can be added .
A new gun (game gun ) has added in Pubg MOBILE which has called Bizon,.
This gun include 9mm bullets.
This is not confirm that this feature was added in Erangal Map or Vikendi Map.
New  legendary Kar98k sniper rifles gun skin is added in gun lab.

But Vikendi map is also in beta version so this is not confirm.

New Voice chat  update is also add in PUBG voice chat features . Two types of male voice chat was also added this was confirm .